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  • Daycare
    • $25.00 per dog per day 
  • Boarding
    • $32.50 per day ~1 dog
    • $55.00 per day ~ 2 dogs
    • $82.50 per day ~ 3 dogs
    • $110.00 per day ~ 4 dogs
  • Training
  • Puppy Preschool - 5 weeks/$85.00
  • Round One - 6 weeks/$115.00
  • Round Two - 6 weeks $115.00
  • Agility for Fun - 5 weeks/$100.00
  • Beginning Clicker - 6 weeks $115.00
  • Super Sniffers - 5 weeks $100.00

Private training:​    Private lessons are available to address specific behavioral concerns or for reactive dogs not suited to group classes.  A one time one hour evaluation is $100.00.  A package of 3 private lessons is $175.00 and package of 4 private lessons is $195.00.

More about classes:

Puppy Preschool : For puppies between 8-17 weeks of age   A strongly socially based program, it is during this critical learning window that great social experiences can help     shape your dog for a lifetime.   We address common puppy concerns:  Housetraining, play biting, and very fundamental training.  Confidence building and social skills are far more important than formal training at this time.  Class meets on Saturdays at 9:00am for an hour.  This is a 5 week session and the cost is $85.00.  Attending more than 5 weeks is also an option for dogs within the age range.  Requirements:  Puppies need to be on schedule with vaccines and have a negative fecal exam.

​​​Round One:  This class is for all dogs over 4 months and covers basic manners:  Sit, down, recall, take it/leave it, and loose leash walking are among the skills we work on.

Round Two:  For dogs that have achieved the Round One Skills, this class begins to add more distance and distraction, as well as work on new behaviors and skills that will be necessary for Therapy Dog testing. 

Agility for Fun:  A great confidence builder, each week has a different course for you and your dog to practice and have fun.  Dogs must have a reliable off leash recall and have solid Round One skills.  

Beginning Clicker:  Clicker Training is fun for both the dogs and their humans!  Week one is for humans only.  You will learn fundamental clicker skills and work on specific behaviors.

Super Sniffers:  Another fun class.  Dogs in the class search for food hidden in an environment that changes a bit each week.   A great way to have fun with your dog!

Group classes last approximately 1 hour.  Rounds One and Two are 6 weeks long and the cost is $110.00.  Please see our home page for upcoming classes!  

Dogs must be socially good with other dogs for group classes.

 Dogs must be current on vaccines:  Rabies, Distemper, Parvovirus,  Bordatella, have a negative fecal exam in the last 12 months, and be using some type of flea and tick preventative.  Dogs must be good with other dogs and people for group classes, daycare, and boarding. 


​Please remember:

Please do not feed your dogs before class.  You will need roughly 100 bite sized treats to get through a class.  As a positive reinforcement facility, no leash pops/jerks, corrections, or reprimands will be used in our classes.  Additionally, retractable leashes, choke, prong and shock collars are not allowed on the property.

See our upcoming classes section on the Welcome page for information on how to register.